Cigar Smoking Tips

Smoking a cigar should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience; however it is also a methodical process and ritual that can bond tobacco enthusiasts together. For an individual just venturing into the world of cigars it can easily turn into a frustrating experience without the guidance of how to fully enjoy the cigar. Beginning and even experienced smokers experience unraveling wrappers, uneven burns, canoeing, and harsh smoke. This section offers some smoking tips for all experience levels, to remedy some common issues that arise when enjoying a cigar.


Cutting Cigar Picture 1“The Cut”


V or ‘Cat’s Eye’ Cut

Scissor Cut

Cutting a cigar correctly is a very important step in the process to ensure that you fully enjoy your cigar. Regardless of what type of cutting method you prefer it is imperative that the cut be done gently and precisely.

Single & Double Blade/Guillotine

This is the cut that is the hardest to perfect, but many enthusiasts prefer this cutting method for its ability to fully “open” the draw of the cigar.


 “The Light”

How the cigar is first lit is just as important as making sure the cut on the cigar is just right. Lighting the cigar will set the stage for how it will burn and maintain its overall construction. If if you are using a lighter, it’s imperative that high quality butane is used so as to not disturb the flavors of the cigar. Wooden matches are also popular; however all of the sulfur must be fully burned off prior to drawing through the cigar to protect the fine blend of tobaccos. You can also light a cedar spill and use that to light your cigar. Torch flame lighters are held as the best for lighting cigars due to their pin point flame and speed of use.

Steps to the Perfect Light

  • Hold the cigar at a 45 degree angle in relation to your flame source
  • Keep the lighter flame ½ inch away from the cigar
  • Begin by toasting the edges as you rotate the cigar in your fingers to achieve a slight burn ring around the rim of the foot (this aids in an even burn)
  • Direct the flame towards the middle of the cigar toasting the entire foot
  • Begin drawing through the cigar as you finish toasting the foot to produce a hot even ember across the entire foot

Cigar Smoking Picture 2“The Art of Smoking”

Cigars are made from well-aged premium tobacco leaves that have been cured to bring out oils making them unique to other tobacco products. The oils in the cigar can become damaged which can alter the taste and enjoyment of a cigar if not properly smoked. Cigars are a symbol of leisure and indulgence; the way that a consumer smokes a cigar should reflect that. Smoking a cigar to quickly can cause an excess of heat to be drawn through the cigar damaging the oils and causing imperfections in how it burns. To avoid an overheated cigar, the consumer should draw on the cigar till a full ember appears and desired smoke is achieved, then allowed to cool for twenty to thirty seconds before re-engaging. Taking the time to enjoy the cigar the consumer not only protects the constitution of the cigar but also enhances the relaxing enjoyment that gives cigars their allure.

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