Cigar storage is the most important purchase a consumer can make when investing in cigars. We offer a wide selection of ten to two hundred count hand crafted Spanish cedar humidors. Humidors can range from the purely functional to crafted pieces of art, fit for open display.

Cigar Humidor Picture

Traditional Humidor Care and Tips

  • Allow 72 hours for your humidor to acclimate itself prior to putting cigars into the humidor. Be sure to place a bowl of distilled water in humidor and allow the dry wood to fully saturate itself to prevent the wood from stealing the moisture from your cigars.
  • Maintain a relative humidity of 65% to 70% inside the humidor at all times.
  • Rotate cigars from bottom to top every two to three weeks to allow for even distribution of humidity.
  • Keep the humidor at least 60% to 75% full of cigars at all times to limit fluctuations in humidity. Purchasing a humidor that fits your consumption can help prevent this.
  • Store humidor in an unchanging environment that is dry and remains at 65 to 75 degrees. Keep it out of direct sunlight and rooms that heat and cool throughout the day.

The Easy Way

Boveda Humidor Seasoning Packet

Simply place the correct amount of Boveda Seeasoning Packs inside your humidor (without cigars) and wait 14 days. Then replace the seasoning Boveda (84% RH) with regular Boveda 62%-75% RH. Use 1 packet for every 25 cigars your humidor can hold. For example a 100 count humidor would require 4 packs.

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