For those that desire a more exotic experience The Stash offers a wide selection of glass pipes that are sure to fit any need.  The majority of our glass comes from local glass blowing artists that take pride in the work they do and is expressed in their artwork.

Glass Pipes

Our glass pipes range from the purely functional to wild and artistic. Glass pipes come in all shapes and sizes and are truly one of a kind since they are handmade.

Glass Water Pipes

When using a water pipe smoke is drawn from an inlet tube on the pipe that then travels into a reservoir which contains water. When the smoke passes into the water it is rapidly cooled and some impurities are filtered.  We cater to these needs by offering an extensive selection of water filtering pipes in all shapes and sizes.  Some of the brands we carry are:

  • Rooster/Goldstein
  • Simple
  • Goo Roo
  • Ignite
  • King Volcano
  • HBG
  • Grav Labs
  • Lots of local brands and many more, just ask!

Scientific Glass Pipes

The term scientific glass pipes refers to those pipes which utilize an advanced form of smoke filtration for your enjoyment. By using multiple sophisticated filters, air jets, and travel mediums; these devices stand out in uniqueness from the average glass hand pipe or water pipe. We offer multiple version of percolators and ashtraps.

Non-Traditional Pipes

To complement to our traditional and glass pipe collection, we also offer a robust selection of non-traditional pipes. These pipes include those made from metal, wood, stone, elk horn, ceramics, and various mediums suitable for pipe making. Just like our traditional and glass pipes, many of these non-traditional pipes are handmade and unique.

pipesGlass Water Pipe Parts & Accessories

When the inevitable happens and a glass part on a water pipe breaks, we have it covered.  We offer a wide selection of replacement glass parts to get a beloved pipe back in action. At times it is desirable to add accessories and attachments to an existing pipe to change the way it functions and looks. An artistic male stem, diffused female stem, pre-cooler, ash-trap, and a whole host of accessories can add new life to a water-pipe.

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