Glass Vaporize Pic 1Vaporizers are quickly becoming the preferred method for consuming herbs or concentrate. By using a vaporizer the consumer is applying selective heat to their tobacco to vaporize the oils within the plant material. When the proper heat is applied the plant material should be extracted of all oil, while leaving the plant matter intact. Consuming herbs and concentrate in this manner greatly reduces the harmful aspects that come from plant material combustion and smoke. We offer a variety of vaporizers including Whip-Based box styles, Forced Air Units and Portable Vaporizers.  Some of the brands we carry are:

  • Volcano
  • Extreme Q
  • Firefly
  • Magic Flight
  • Muad-dib
  • G penvaped
  • Atmos
  • Vaped
  • Stag

This is an ever changing and evolving line of merchandise, so please feel free to call and ask or come in so our knowledgeable staff can help you choose something just right for you.



Electronic Cigarettes

E Cig Pic 1

Electronic cigarettes have exploded with popularity among smokers. E-Liquid is a combination of nicotine and flavoring held in a suspension of propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin. When this liquid is heated it turns into vapor to mimic smoke. Most find this alternative to traditional tobacco very satisfying and have turned from a “smoker” to a “vaper”.

There are a host of continually changing terms relative to E-cigs. Acronyms and titles such as PG/VG, Clearomizers, Cartomizers, Volts, Watts, and Ohms can make the shopping experience somewhat overwhelming. Below is information to help clear up some of the questions being asked and to help you find the best product.

Electronic Cigarette Kits

We offer a wide variety of electronic cigarette brands and styles. From basic disposable/rechargeable pen styles to customizable controllable units, we have what vapers want and need.

Electronic Cigarette E-Liquids

We carry a wide variety of E-Liquids made from PG, VG, and PG+VG suspensions to find that perfect balance of vapor production and throat hit. All of our liquids come in variable nicotine levels and flavors to satisfy any vaper’s needs.  Some of the brands we carry are:

  • Chain Vapers (locally made in Milwaukie, OR)
  • Austins
  • Buck Naked
  • Viquid

We are always adding more to our inventory so check in to see what is current. Also, if you are in the area and would like us to carry a brand that you don’t see, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will do our best to get it in for you.

Electronic Cigarette Parts

We offer a wide selection of replacement parts for all of our electronic cigarettes. These parts include replacement batteries, cartomizers, clearomizers, coils, and chargers. The majority of our replacement parts are for the most common e-cigs featuring a 510 thread. We encourage vapers to bring in their particular unit to find a suitable matching part to get them back up and running.

Propylene Glycol (PG) Vs. Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin are the two most commonly used ingredients for

“E-Juices/E-Liquids”. Those new to vaping will face the seemingly monumental choice of

(PG) vs. (VG). Below is information that will help to make the choice a little easier. Additionally we offer flavor testers so that you can find a flavor you enjoy the most.


Propylene Glycol (PG)

PG based e-liquids are the most widely available due to their cost and ease of absorbing into wicking mechanisms. Propylene Glycol is much thinner in its consistency than Vegetable Glycerin making it ideal for wicked style clearomizers. Propylene Glycol produces a stronger “throat hit” feeling than vegetable glycerin making it more attractive to smokers looking to switch to vaping. Due to its thin consistency PG liquids don’t gunk up coil and wick assemblies as fast as their counterpart VG. Some vapers have discovered that they are sensitive to PG or mildly allergic. If any irritation or discomfort is caused from PG based liquids, switch to pure VG based liquids promptly.


Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

VG based e-liquids are not as widely available due to cost and less popularity. However these liquids can usually be distinguished by their thick consistency to their PG counterpart. Typically VG liquids work best in clearomizers featuring a “wickless” or bottom coil design. Vapers who run a pure VG liquid in a wicked clearomizer will find a sharp increase in “dry-hits”. This is caused from the thick consistency of the liquid being inhibited from wicking up the assembly fast enough to keep up with the vaper. Coil assemblies tend to gunk up faster using VG liquids requiring more frequent cleaning and replacement. Vegetable Glycerin e-liquids produce more vapor than PG based liquids and have a smooth throat hit making them alluring to those that want thick clouds of vapor.


Blended E-Juice (PG+VG)

Each vaper will have to find their preference between the two liquids that suits them best for their enjoyment. Blended e-liquids are also available to find that happy middle ground between vapor production and throat hit. Three ratios are typically found pre-blended (70/30 PG/VG), (50/50 PG/VG), or (30/70 PG/VG). These blends seem to bridge the gap and help find that middle ground of balance for vapers.


Cartomizers Vs. ClearomizersEcig pic 3

Cartomizers and Clearomizers are the two most predominant types of filling chambers for electronic cigarettes. Cartomizers tend to be used with smaller electronic cigarettes due to their slim design and ease of use. While their counterpart the clearomizers, are used with larger battery deigns. In this section we will discuss their uses, variations, and differences.


Cartomizer style chambers are used mostly with smaller cigarette/pen style electronic cigarettes which use a small battery. These cartomizers are small cylinders and use cotton to leech liquid to a heating coil. Cartomizers can be refillable, but more commonly are found as disposable attachments.

Clearomizers are much larger in comparison to their cartomizer counterpart. This added space allows for the reservoir to hold a greater amount of liquid and variable wicking systems. Two of the most common forms of wicking systems are “Top Coil” and “Bottom Coil” aka (Wickless Tanks).

-Top coil style clearomizers feature a wicking system which have tentacle like wicks from the top of the tank to the bottom. These types of cartomizers can be prone to dry hits if a liquid is thicker in consistency (VG based) due to the slow rate of absorption.

-Bottom coil (Wickless) varieties feature a coil and minimal wick located at the base of the tank. Because of this design, thicker liquids can leech to the coil with ease to eliminate dry hits. Vapor production and smoothness is far superior in this style of tank vs top coil style clearomizers.


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