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Pipes of all materials have been used to smoke tobacco for thousands of years; they have been made of wood, nuts, gourds, reeds, stones, and anything that could withstand the temperature of burning tobacco. Wood and meerschaum are the two most common mediums used for traditional pipe making that can be found by consumers.

Traditional Wood Pipes

One of the most desired wood pipes for tobacco consumers are those made from Briar. Briar is a dense burl found on the roots of the heath tree. It is resistant to heat due to its dense grain pattern. To complement our wide selection of Briar pipes we also have pipes made from Rosewood, Hardwoods, etc.

Tobacco pipe


Meerschaum Pipes

Due to the ability for it to be easily hand carved, meerschaum pipes have the potential to be some of the most beautiful pieces of art. Meerschaum is a white, clay-like mineral predominantly found along the coast of Turkey. When harvested meerschaum is soft, but later hardens to an ivory-like finish.



Pipe Tobacco

When choosing a pipe tobacco blend that will suit your taste, it is important to have a wide selection of blends to choose from. The Stash offers over sixty different blends to fit any smoker’s palette. The unique quality of our pipe tobaccos is our ability to fine tune a blend by having our tobacco sold loosely and not prepackaged. In doing this we can combine various tobaccos and blends to make it a truly unique experience.

Pipe On A Wood

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